Alternative energy sources

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Alternative energy sources

Solar photovoltaic system 12kW 3-phase for own electricity for home appliances and electricity savings for Air heat pumps for maximum savings in heating, cooling and hot water with heat pumps, Solar photovoltaic system 12kW can be mounted on a roof area or terrace, canopy and energy use for heat pumps new or already installed, heat pumps not included in the price.

12kW solar system for larger houses with heat pumps

* 30 Solar photovoltaic monocrystalline panels of 415W
* 12 kW Solar inverter 3-phase transformer
* 8 GEL Solar Batteries from 210ah for storage up to 20kWh in Batteries
* Mounting elements
* Montage

Net price: € 17,500

Opportunity to buy through eco credit through Banks with EU Grant of 15-20%, thus reducing the loan to 20% or 2550 € and payment of the remaining installments with savings of expensive electricity, after the installation you can apply for a state subsidy from € 1,000 for faster cost-effectiveness of the solar system.
Daily electricity production average 65 kWh, monthly savings average 2000kWh for all domestic single-phase appliances, as well as hot water, heating and cooling with inverter air conditioners for maximum electricity savings.
Annual production average 24,00kWh of electricity or savings of 180,000 denars or 3,000 euros per year, with the profitability of the investment with savings, grant and subsidy for an average of 4-5 years.