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About us and our activity


* The company Solar Installers Team DOOEL Skopje is established in 2019 with active performance in solar photovoltaic systems for households, holiday homes of 1-12kW hybrid, as well as solar photovoltaic systems for business and industrial buildings with power of 10kW, 20kW, 40kk, 100k on roof surfaces, and solar photovoltaic power plants on the ground of 500kW, 1MW in Macedonia, as well as solar projects for solar power plants abroad Kosovo and Germany as installation services as a subcontractor.
* The company Solar Installers Team DOOEL Skopje is a representative in Macedonia for the solar photovoltaic monocrystalline panels and equipment from the company BLUESUN SOLAR from China, which currently produces the most efficient solar panels over 21%, which have the largest factory quality guarantee for 15 years capacity and warranty. production for 30 years.
* We also import the same equipment for solar photovoltaic plants from European countries such as Germany and Austria in the part of Solar Grid those inverters according to the needs and recommendations of our customers.